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I set out on this journey with high expectations. I founded this firm in an effort to create a space where all potential clients will feel comfortable and confident. My goal is to provide excellent legal representation in plaintiff-side civil rights cases at the state and federal levels. My main focuses will be on employment discrimination and retaliation, the rights of those who suffer from mental illness and the rights of those who have been harmed by police through physical or sexual violence. In addition to large civil rights cases, I am excited to help businesses and nonprofits both form and grow. I have a wealth of experience leading a nonprofit and will bring this experience to my law practice through the use of strategic community partnerships and policy advocacy.

I now return to my initial thoughts- I founded this law firm in an effort to create a space where all potential clients will feel comfortable and confident.

What does it mean to be a comfortable potential client?

A comfortable potential client is one who knows that all information shared will be held in the utmost confidence. A comfortable potential client knows that she is walking into a “No Judgement Zone” when entering Reimer Law PLLC. The potential client knows that she can share anything and everything with her attorney and will not be ridiculed or shamed. At Reimer Law PLLC, we understand that life is messy and no person’s life story is simple. It is in this “messiness” that we truly find perfection. As Leonard Cohen sung, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Our goal at Reimer Law PLLC is to help our clients show themselves to us as “broken open” people- meaning people who are comfortable enough to share the messy details of their lives with us, shedding light on the areas that most need attention. Once the client has done this, the legal team will get to work building the very best case we can for our client. 

What does it mean to be a confident potential client?

A confident potential client is one who truly has faith in her legal team. I am never above asking for help from other lawyers in the legal community. I vow to use my legal networks and professional legal community memberships to the advantage of my clients. This means active participation in continuing education courses and bar association professional development opportunities. When a case might be too big for me to handle on my own, I take pride in partnering with other lawyers, either as informal advisors or as co-counsel. I have also assembled a brilliant team of professionals I know and trust to assist me in my endeavors. This includes the following individuals: communications consultant, contract attorney, paralegal consultant, IT consultant, web developer, bookkeeper and accountant.

Today and always, I invite you to grow with me. I ask you to trust me with your legal needs. Although I can never guarantee results, I can tell you that I take my vow to zealously advocate for my clients extremely seriously. It is my sincere honor to welcome you to Reimer Law PLLC! Please contact me at staciereimer@reimerlawpllc.com or 202-603-0957 for a free case evaluation anytime.

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